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Can I trust Robo-Advisors?


My clear answer is a big NO, i.e. one cannot trust a Robo-advisor.

Robo-advisors are nothing but computer programmes or algorithms, which will first take inputs from you in the form of “sets of questions & filters”, and accordingly will populate various scenarios or “desired results”, as defined by the platform provider.

Now the question is, who are these platform providers, their credibility, what logic have they applied towards the programs? etc. No company will share their logic or how they have populated the results, but will have only “tall claims”, that they are the “best & trust-worthy”. One platform provider went to an extent to claim that, they have a “Nobel awarded algorithm”.

I went to some of the know platform providers, comprising of fresh players & traditional players (banks & brokers), all offering or using the term “Robo” & “the best advice”.


Demonetisation effect


With demonetisation almost nearing its completion & 80% of the old notes back with the banks, most of us are questioning, what next?

Well, to start with, we are moving in the phase where quite a lot of individuals & families have either declared or will start operating with white money now. In short, we have more people having white money in hand going forward, which will soon start demanding white investments.

Real estate & gold, which used to be the main source for black-money, now will (more…)

Ladies, Financial Planning is like another Beauty Product!


“I have opted for financial planning and wanted to invest in mutual funds” – when I told this to my mom; she was as concerned, as one feels towards a medical patient.

Now stop smiling there!

If it reminds you of a famous dialogue-“It happens only in India”, then you are wrong. It’s not just the case in India, it’s worldwide. People are afraid about investing in market either because of their bitter experiences or scarce knowledge.

My mom warned me to either take a money back insurance policy or open a bank FD account for all my needs. She said “it’s more than (more…)

Is advice only the domain of HNI?


Well for starters, my interaction with customers of all categories, i.e. retail to mass affluent or even budding HNI’s, not just in today’s market scenario, but since last 15 years of my corporate career, is that customers don’t mind paying for advice, as long as same delivers, “what is preached?”
Pop comes out question; why we don’t have players or offerings which takes care of same?
My understanding, it’s all about vision & execution from a leader or from a company, where we have very few risk takers or even innovators. We all follow a herd mentality, not just at a customer level, but even at a company & leader levels. In short, we have very few companies, who would want to try new products or create new demand. I am talking about companies like Apple, Facebook, even our own Tata motors with Nano… all have DNA built on innovation & customer centric working. Whereas most of the other companies, follow the herd mentality.