Health Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance


Critical illness insurance is a policy that covers some specific life threatening diseases. It typically covers illnesses like cancer, heart attack, organ transplant, kidney failure and paralysis. These conditions may seriously affect your lifestyle and your ability to earn income in the future. The cost of treatment of such illness is also very high and can easily drain your lifetime worth of savings.


Health Cover Zaroori Hai


When we have uninvited guests at home, everything goes for a toss, we cannot say no, but now comes the stress on money spent & mental peace.
Medical emergency is like above, always comes uninvited, and by far becomes the toughest challenge, an individual/ family will face. Such emergencies can sometimes lead to people falling in debt trap.
Why wait for a surprise? However, if you have a health cover, you need not worry about your savings going away and only focus on getting the best medical treatment.

Read the below mentioned points to understand why health cover is a must for everyone.


Health Insurance – What I need to know?


Medical expense is one expense,which we hate to spend-on, but it is also an expense which we cannot escape. Medical expenses are rising every year,even the smallest of tests prescribed by doctors, make us cough-up, at least couple of thousand Rupees. The lifestyle which we lead and the environment we are living in is contributing largely to the ever increasing diseases. Yet India’s health insurance market remains highly unpenetrated.

Some of the key terms, which are usually not explained by the seller, or we overlook at the time of signing the policy are explained below. But one should carefully read all the terms, conditions and clauses related to the insurance, before one finalises on the preferred health plan.