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Can I trust Robo-Advisors?


My clear answer is a big NO, i.e. one cannot trust a Robo-advisor.

Robo-advisors are nothing but computer programmes or algorithms, which will first take inputs from you in the form of “sets of questions & filters”, and accordingly will populate various scenarios or “desired results”, as defined by the platform provider.

Now the question is, who are these platform providers, their credibility, what logic have they applied towards the programs? etc. No company will share their logic or how they have populated the results, but will have only “tall claims”, that they are the “best & trust-worthy”. One platform provider went to an extent to claim that, they have a “Nobel awarded algorithm”.

I went to some of the know platform providers, comprising of fresh players & traditional players (banks & brokers), all offering or using the term “Robo” & “the best advice”.