Demonetisation effect


With demonetisation almost nearing its completion & 80% of the old notes back with the banks, most of us are questioning, what next?

Well, to start with, we are moving in the phase where quite a lot of individuals & families have either declared or will start operating with white money now. In short, we have more people having white money in hand going forward, which will soon start demanding white investments.

Real estate & gold, which used to be the main source for black-money, now will have few takers. Moreover, with sudden drop & its later effects on both these sectors, it will take time to build-up. Both these sectors will take anywhere 1 to 3 years to come back to limelight.

What is left now is the equity market (direct or mutual funds).

But equity market will remain highly volatile for the next few months/ quarters, due to key global & domestic policies. Which also means that, it will open avenues or gaps to keep investing in good funds or stocks for future. As otherwise, market will just rally & one will miss this good investing opportunity.

Simply put, if I have 10lacs in hand to be invested today, I would first park the entire fund in any debt/ liquid fund. Afterwards, I’ll keep investing @1lac a month, for next 10 months or earlier, on a predefined portfolio of funds or stocks. These funds or stocks are arrived based on my risk-taking ability on small/mid cap stocks & large cap stocks with multiple filters & analysis.

I guess, except for above paragraph, rest of my blog is easy to understand & follow 😉

This is an area where one needs an advisory help, advisor who will recommend funds based on customers need & requirement. is one such advisor, who uses technology as the fore front on analysis & innovation, and offers attractive solutions.

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