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BUDGET 2019 – Full of JOSH!

Budget 2019

The Modi government delivered an impactful budget today, just before the elections, showering multiple benefits to the Tax Paying Citizens. Key benefits are as under:

Tax Rebate:The government has proposed to introduce full tax rebate for individuals earning up to 5lacs. With Tax saving investments included, the tax rebate extends to income till 7.25lacs. (includes 1.50lacs under section 80C, 50k in NPS, 25k in health insurance)


Aadhaar Based e-KYC: All You Need To Know


To put an end to problems that most people face while opening a bank account, applying for a passport, to avail pension schemes, etc., Aadhaar e-KYC was introduced by the Ministry of Finance. KYC, commonly referred as Know Your Customer, guidelines have been majorly formed to allow the citizens of India to avail benefits of a government and social welfare schemes.  Here’s a sneak peek into the details of it:-

What is Aadhaar-based e-KYC?


Growth vs. Dividend Mutual Fund


Mutual fund offers growth plan and dividend plan option for the same funds. The portfolio in which the fund invests is the same and the only difference is the treatment of gains.

In a growth option investors do not get payout in the form of dividend, instead this amount is reinvested in your fund. This increases the NAV of the fund. As there is reinvestment, the returns get compounded overtime and increase you returns in long term.


The Right Time To Start Financial Planning


Financial planning is a process which helps you to manage your finances. It works by linking your investments to your financial goals so that you can secure your future and be ready for life’s surprises.

The right time to start financial planning is as soon as you start earning even if your income may not be high at this point. Starting early will instill discipline in you and it will become a habit instead of urgency in the later years of your life. It will also give you a bigger benefit of compounding and thus a bigger corpus for your later years. At this age, you can afford to invest in riskier investment option such as equities. You will also be able to buy insurance at a low premium when you are young.


3 Simple Ways to Stop Leakage – Curtail Expenses

3 simple ways to stop leakage – curtail expenses

One of the hardest challenges youngsters face nowadays is that they are unable to control their expenses. Managing money is difficult as there is always some or the other attractive sale going on, there are so many food joints you want to try and so many places you want to visit. Thus, most of them complain of being broke as the end of the month nears. So if you don’t want to be broke at the end of the month, here are some simple tips to help you curtail your expenses.


Life Insurance – Secrets No One Shares

Term insurance

We work hard day and night so that we earn enough for our loved ones to live a stress free and comfortable life. And we would obviously want that security to continue even if we are not around anymore. This is where life insurance comes to your rescue, and you can be with your family after you are gone, financially at least. This is why everyone with dependent members in family must have life insurance. But before you buy insurance we want you to read the below mentioned secrets about life insurance which the insurer will rarely tell you.


New Year Resolution 2019


New Year’s Resolution list; is somewhat like how a small kid writes to Santa (before X’mas). Year ends and we all love to start new year with some bold steps.

To help & to have the feel-good factor, every year, newspapers & blogs, talks about same good old financial resolutions, with some jargons. It is way #metoo.

I thought of doing & writing something different. This new year lets invest in life, health and our experiences.

What do I mean with investing in Life?