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What are Portfolio Management Services?


Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a financial service designed for High Networth Individuals (HNI). HNI investors generally prefer customized investment options and thus PMS is suitable for such investors. PMS is offered by various entities such as asset management companies, banks and brokerages registered with SEBI. PMS Managers are highly qualified investment professionals with extensive knowledge and research experience.


Benefits of Taking Term Plan


Term plan is a life insurance plan to provide financial protection to the family of the insured in case of death. Many of us delay or avoid buying insurance not thinking what will happen to the family if some unforeseen event takes place. If your family is dependent on you financially, you should definitely get a term plan for yourself. Life is uncertain and by buying a term plan you can secure your family’s future. Here are some of the benefits of taking a term plan.


How should You Choose Financial Advisor/Planner

How to choose right financial planner

When it comes to planning you finances it will be best if you seek help of a financial advisor. Not everyone has knowledge about financial matters and it will be better if you take professional advice for managing your finances. By managing your own finances or taking advice from friends and relatives, you may not be able to successfully manage your finances and thereby miss your goals.


How You Should Save Taxes?

How to Save Taxes

The Income Tax Act has made several provisions which allow you to reduce your taxable income. Many of these provisions allow you to not only save tax, but also serve as good investment options. The budget 2019 further brought tax cheer to people, especially the middle class. Now individuals with income up to Rs.5, 00,000 will get full tax rebate. Standard deduction has also been raised to Rs.50, 000 from 40,000. Given below are some useful tips on how can save taxes.


LTA Tax Exemption – Leave Travel Allowance

LTA Tax Exemption – Leave Travel Allowance

LTA doesn’t need any introduction; but has a tricky claim process & understanding.

First & foremost, one can claim LTA only for 2 years in a block of 4 years (current block is 2018-21). In case of no-claim in this block of 4 years, you are allowed to carry forward one-year, i.e. if you have not claimed in previous block (2014-17), now for current block, you can claim for three years 😉.


What Happens If You Die Without a Will?

What happens if you die without a will?

A will is a legal document by which a person can express what should be done with their assets when they die. Very few people however prepare their will. When a person dies without a will, it can lead to disputes among family members regarding who will have claim to the assets. The true heirs may also have to spend time and money to claim the assets which are rightfully theirs. In such cases, the assets are passed on according to the succession laws of the religion to which the deceased person belongs.


How Many of You have Started Retirement Planning?

retirement planning

Are you among those people who think that they are too young to start saving for retirement? If yes then there is a need to change your outlook. Many people start retirement planning only when they are close to retirement. This is not a good idea as the later you start the lower will be your retirement corpus and vice versa. This is because it takes time for money to grow and give reasonable returns and if you start late your money will not have enough time to grow.


Should You Go for Child Plan?

should you buy child plan?

Every parent wants the best for their child. They want them to get the best of education and be financially secure and are willing to compromise or postpone their own dreams for the sake of their children. It therefore becomes necessary to choose the right financial plan for their future. Planning for their future needs to be started as early as possible. Assuming an inflation of 8%, it is safe to conclude that cost of education will rise significantly in the next 10 to 20 years. Many companies offer Child plan for these needs. So is Child plan the right option for your child’s need or should you consider other options?


Asset allocation: Diversifying Investments


Good investment strategy is the key to achieve your financial goals. This can be done by minimizing risks and thereby maximizing returns. Risks can be minimized by diversifying your investments. In simpler terms it means `do not put all your eggs in one basket’. Your investments should not be focused on just one asset class. It should be allocated strategically in different asset classes. Diversified portfolios are proven to have reduced losses in events such as economic crisis or bearish stock market.