Online Financial Planners: How Do They Work?

How financial planners work

Even though consumers have been using online banking and mobile applications for years, the concept of online financial planners like is still new. In comparison to a traditional face-to-face financial planning relationship, how do online financial planners work?

Online financial planners allow you to:

  • Develop plans for your finances that are comprehensive enough to include every aspect of your life from buying new home, child education, insurance, long-term investment management, spending trends, and retirement.
  • Analyse your debt, understand how debt management works, and develop a plan to pay down debt.
  • Access finances at any time. You don’t need to make appointments with a financial planner, or schedule an office visit plus travel time.
  • Analyse your financial situation and run scenarios to cover “what if” questions about your financial future. You can change your financial plan at no extra cost.
  • Keep your information private. Unlike a traditional financial planner, no one else needs to see your personal information, and you can rest assured your information is stored securely.
  • Run quick reports, and understand them easily.

What to Look for in Your Online Financial Planner:

Your online financial planner should offer the benefits of a traditional financial planner, plus more:

  • Portfolio and Asset Tracking: Get up-to-the-minute data on your investments and total assets, and get advice on your investment portfolio.
  • Risk Analysis: Quickly understand the risk level of any proposed investment, and get advice on risk management.
  • Mobile Features: View your account from any device, including smartphones and tablets. Make updates and changes from anywhere, anytime.
  • Financial Calculators: Make “what if” projections, calculate potential return, and plan for the future.
  • Goal Tracking: Set up financial goals, and easily see how you’re tracking against them. Services like even offer email and mobile alerts, bill reminders, and more, to help you stay on top of your goals.

Everyone needs a road map. Online financial planners allow you to set specific goals for your retirement, education, investments, and spending, and stick to them. Ultimately, good online financial planners help you make wiser spending and purchasing decisions, and cheer you on as you achieve your financial goals. is a full online financial planning suite, and above all offers personalised advisory thru its call-centre, staffed with CFP qualified advisors. It has various plans; right from DIY plan – for do it yourself customers, which comes FREE of cost to Personalised advisory plan, where CFP qualified advisor interacts & prepares plan with quarterly reviews, which comes at Rs.499/- monthly, on a one year subscription plan. Click here to sign up! success can be gauged from their customer’s feedback:

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“Moneyfrog’s dashboard is an innovative application it really made me understand financial planning in a lay man’s language. I was frustrated with my netbanking – There was no option to create a budget and distribute money categorically. I found Moneyfrog’s site fulfilling & meeting my goals. I would like to quote; Eureka fantastic job done Moneyfrog’s management team keep up the good work.”
Samrin Khan, Senior Associate, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Ltd, Mumbai

“I got to know about money frog, through the desk arranged in our office. After approaching this desk I found it really very interesting, and thought of consulting them. My husband, Rohit too loved this idea and we called moneyfrog person at our place. Since then, investing and planning money is not our headache. It’s all taken care by moneyfrog.”
Supriya and Rohit Ishwad, Works at Cognizant & TCS, Mumbai

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