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Well, it’s not my story, but “OUR” story, as I am no different than any one of you, with regards to how we all think or “DREAM” & how we act.

In this blog, I want to highlight interesting insights, on what most of us dream about, when we save our hard-earned money, and finally what we end up doing or our decisions on same. We conducted a small survey and asked basic questions on savings & purpose.

On Savings, it’s interesting, as well as surprising to know that, young one’s (below 30) are thinking on higher savings compared to seniors. Wow!

And, in terms of Purpose, brands which play important role in our daily life, comes later, compared to future savings like retirement & kid’s education. Excellent!

We score 100 out of 100, on our Dreams.

Are you saving

71% save for the future, i.e. Retirement & Kids education.

Brands play an important role, but can wait, says 77%.

Next, we have a bouncer. Where do we save?

where do we save

When it comes to our action or decision, we are guided by First, Tax saving instruments, & Second by our circle of influence, i.e. family & friends. Over & above this, we don’t even have a plan, it’s just an annual cycle ;(

We are poor planners & just don’t question.

60% of the respondents of this survey are investing in instruments (insurance), which will not even beat inflation, so how in the world will one achieve their DREAM?

The people we follow, what’s their guiding force?

With family, its usually our father or one of the seniors we follow. They are the ones, who have lived their prime adult life in 60’s & 70’s, when equity & mutual funds were unheard of, with Insurance or LIC & Bank deposits being the main saving avenues. Coming to friends, I need not have to highlight, it’s a herd mentality, we are just follower of a follower. 😉

We score 30 out of 100, on our decision making, toward investments.

Finally, I ask this question, when I bought my first car, who did I consult & what all comparison I went thru? on the car model, final cost, running cost, loan emi’s etc. I did a lot of work, where have taken feedback from many with different models, read auto magazines & reviews, & finally my own calculation towards cash-flow. Why then, I cannot do the same exercise for each of my DREAM or GOAL’s?

At , we are doing exactly the same, we help you plan your DREAM, with our hybrid model of technology & personal advisory. To know more login to our website

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Manoj is the founder of, with 15 years of corporate experience & expertise in financial markets. Manoj has corporate stints with Kotak Securities, IIFL group & Philips India. He holds an MBA (PGDM) degree from Symbiosis (SIMS) Pune.
His interests include birding & adventure activities.

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