Financial Planning for Pilots


Our international flight landed at Mumbai airport and I heaved a sigh of relief. I was irritated by Long sitting hours, headache, temporary deafness due to air pressure, booming noise, turbulence and last but not the least-fear of crash. While exiting the plane, a passing thought came to my mind- if air traveler goes through all these what about the staff especially the Air pilot who do their job day in day out!

Beyond the excitement of flying the plane, a Pilot’s career means odd working hours, medical issues, mandatory retirement age and job uncertainty due to airlines going bust.

Just as flight is planned and every contingency thought and taken care of, a pilot needs a financial plan. A financial plan brings the future into the present so one can take action now. It also makes life more certain and a plan is the single most powerful tool for accomplishing a goal.

A good financial planner needs to take into consideration their high earnings along with reduced working years due to health issues. They also need to convince their clients about providing for retirement planning apart from providing for other life goals like marriage, estate, education, health etc. All this can be built over a period of time with systematic investments.

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Manoj Chahar
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