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After reading an article by Carl Richard, “The Behaviour Gap” … Investing is not about skill, but about behaviour.

From his article, Quote … “Even by owning an average mutual fund, investors who behave correctly can outperform 99% of their neighbours. Alternatively, for investors who spend their whole lives searching for the best investment, an entire lifetime’s return can be wiped out by one single behavioural mistake.” Unquote.

This reminds me of the most demanding questions by the customers, “how much return can you guarantee”?😉. One can judge the advisor credibility, on how the advisor reacts & answers this question.

My answer: as an advisor, I cannot guarantee you returns. Returns are the outcome of your objective (goals), risk taking ability, cash-flow, asset allocation models and finally your “behaviour”, as aptly quoted by Carl Richards.

One thing that is pertinent here is to identify “The Right Advisor”. How to do that?

My answer: most of us fall under the aspirational class, where we have dreams & goals, hence any savings, must have a linkage to the goals. In short, you need an advisor, who is not selling products (mutual funds or insurance), but counsels or assess your financials & builds a blue-print on your dreams & advices accordingly.

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Happy Investing!!!

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