The Mad Tax Rush


Come December,and our Tax worry starts multiplying, not because you didn’t plan it, but due to the chatter outside.

HR/ CA asking for “Tax investment proofs” submission, colleagues/ peers giving their super-human stories on “Best investments”, and banks/ individual insurance agents offering “Mouth-watering” deals.

I’ve been writing blogs on Tax savings instruments since last few years, and my experience with family, friends &Moneyfrog customers, more-or-less remains same, i.e. despite of planning or knowing about Tax saving instruments, we make mistakes.

My first logic, is not to worry at all, but to get into calculating where one stands. 80C of Income Tax Act helps an individual to save tax on 1.5lacs of investments. Therefore, first calculate on available instruments & how much is already invested in same.

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The calculation will give you the shortfall on further investments, where ELSS funds (equity linked saving schemes – mutual funds) stands out (compared to other funds) in terms of most parameters.

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Our mobile App (Android), offers a seamless execution on Tax savings funds (ELSS), where one can transact online, thru smart phone, with ease.

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iOS release – coming soon.

Disclaimer: Investment in mutual funds, is subject to market risks, including the potential loss of principle and fluctuation in value. Past performance does not guarantee future results. You should consider the Investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of investment securities carefully before investing. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Manoj Chahar
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