The Best Gift Ever Received


We have heard stories, where kids from their pocket money savings, have purchased an expensive music system or gifted an expensive wrist watch to their parents. If it’s my generation, i.e. 80’s, we were saving this in our piggy banks, whereas today same gets parked in a real bank savings account (kids).

I have not come across any parents till date, who would have started a culture of kids saving same in equity mutual funds. Why?

But surprisingly, I have come across lots of them (middle & upper middle families) who have started the “sukanya samriddhi yojana” for girl child recently, where we have a capping of 1.5lacs as total deposit. A govt. initiative for the upliftment of girl child for a better future.

All I am trying to highlight is the fact that; First we ignore the power of small savings and wait for bigger income or schemes to start investing. In the process, we have lost time, as Savings need time to grow BIG.

And above all; Second part, we still don’t understand what all options one has towards better & smart investing. Where Mutual funds score the Best among the entire lot, offering best solutions based on time horizon & requirement.

In my entire life, I have come across only One amazing instance, where at the time of child naming celebration, the grandfather gifted his grandson, not a gold chain or cash in hand, but an investment paper – The best Gift ever received. Investments in one of the equity mutual funds, starting from that day, till grandson’s 21st birthday, with a monthly SIP or monthly investment of INR5000.

A backhand calculation @15% CAGR on this investment will give the grandson INR77lacs on his 21st birthday. What better way to remember & thank his grandfather!!!

But how many think like this?

It’s all about our efforts on when to start, how much more to save, how often & the discipline one follows.

My four mantras:

  1. Start Saving Early:

Don’t wait. Start with any amount, as low as INR100.

  1. Start Saving More:

Whatever one earns, idea is to save more.

  1. Start Investing Fast:

Whatever surplus funds in hand, immediately invest into available funds.

  1. Start Tracking Funds:

Hook to a platform who offers services, where you can map, track & manage your investments, all under one roof.

This blog is an extension to my earlier blog on “My Dream – How to become Rich”.

Disclosure: Investment in mutual funds, is subject to market risks, including the potential loss of principle and fluctuation in value. Past performance does not guarantee future results. You should consider the Investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of investment securities carefully before investing. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.

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