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Life Insurance – Secrets No One Shares

Term insurance

We work hard day and night so that we earn enough for our loved ones to live a stress free and comfortable life. And we would obviously want that security to continue even if we are not around anymore. This is where life insurance comes to your rescue, and you can be with your family after you are gone, financially at least. This is why everyone with dependent members in family must have life insurance. But before you buy insurance we want you to read the below mentioned secrets about life insurance which the insurer will rarely tell you.


New Year Resolution 2019


New Year’s Resolution list; is somewhat like how a small kid writes to Santa (before X’mas). Year ends and we all love to start new year with some bold steps.

To help & to have the feel-good factor, every year, newspapers & blogs, talks about same good old financial resolutions, with some jargons. It is way #metoo.

I thought of doing & writing something different. This new year lets invest in life, health and our experiences.

What do I mean with investing in Life?


Planning a Sabbatical – 3 Tips to Keep in Mind

How to Plan Sabbatical

Taking time off from your hectic work schedule is a great way to rejuvenate, learn something new and regain your lost passion. That is why more and more people nowadays plan a sabbatical from their busy life. A sabbatical can last for few months to a year or two. The idea of deciding to take a sabbatical though exciting, is a bold step and requires proper planning. If you are also planning to take a sabbatical keep the following things in mind.


Health Cover Zaroori Hai


When we have uninvited guests at home, everything goes for a toss, we cannot say no, but now comes the stress on money spent & mental peace.
Medical emergency is like above, always comes uninvited, and by far becomes the toughest challenge, an individual/ family will face. Such emergencies can sometimes lead to people falling in debt trap.
Why wait for a surprise? However, if you have a health cover, you need not worry about your savings going away and only focus on getting the best medical treatment.

Read the below mentioned points to understand why health cover is a must for everyone.


Kitna Sahi Hai Mutual Fund


There are lots of choices when it comes to where to invest. Some may decide to play safe and invest in FDs while some are willing to take risk and invest in stocks. Recently one of the ad campaign that has caught everyone’s attention is the one that says `Mutual Fund Sahi Hai’. So is mutual fund really the right investment for you? Read on to know about various features of mutual funds and decide yourself.


Are You Ready For Mid-Life Surprises?

Are You Ready for Midlife-Crisis

As young adults most of us aim to earn more and more money while we can so that we can fulfill our dream of lounging in our vacation home (or any other dream that you may harbor) when we are older without any worries of the world. But things rarely go as planned. Life has a knack of showing us things we never expected. Let us look at some of the surprises that life might throw at us in our mid-life which might impact your financial plans, so that you are ready to face them head on.


Seven wonders of SIP


When you receive your salary every month, just saving is not enough. That money has to be invested so that it can earn you more money. A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) also called `the good EMI’ helps you do just that.

SIP is a method of investing a fixed sum, regularly, in a mutual fund scheme. It allows an investor to buy units regularly on a specific date of the month. If you invest through SIP it can work wonders for your financial goals.