My MAIL-box is cluttered with Mutual fund mails – What do I do?


Mailbox once a boon for instant communication has become a pain today. Due to lots of promotional and unwanted mails, it becomes difficult to find the relevant mails. As I have invested in mutual funds, it becomes necessary to see these mails. But nowadays the mailbox is flooded with so many mails from the mutual funds that it has become time consuming. Recently SEBI introduced standardisation of various schemes so that investor can understand them. All mutual funds are supposed to communicate the change in fund to investors. There has been a surge in mails mutual fund due to this reason. Another change has been the computation of Expense ratio. With so many mails and technical explanations, common investor is bound to be confused. What is one to do?

The wisest thing to do is to visit websites of financial planning that give updated information of changes in Mutual fund industry in simple terms. They also guide to understand its implication on your mutual fund investments. Second option would be speaking to financial planner who can help you understand the impact of the changes on your portfolio. So rather than spending time on reading mails, just contact your financial planner and clear all your doubts. In fact a good financial planning advisor will update their investor of these changes and guide on its impact on the investments made.

Rohit Grover
Rohit is a senior certified financial planner at He is part of Moneyfrog’s research team and keeps track on the fund movement & the market.
He is an expert with numbers. Formulas & analytics.

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