Mutual Funds = 2-minute Maggi Noddle

Is mutual funds selection as easy as instant noodles?

Sounds exciting! This is the story of Mutual funds today.

We all are looking at Mutual Funds like a 2-minute Maggi noddle. Maggi is promoted as an instant noddle, i.e. it can be cooked in flat 2 minutes, without any hassle & help, compared to Chinese noodles, which requires time & effort.

Mutual Funds on a similar note, are projected as the best investment avenue, where one can easily shortlist funds (with diverse options), and execution (buy) takes not more than 10 minutes effort (as claimed by many).

But it misses out one of the important piece; i.e. Mutual Fund is not a commodity, which you can experience & feel instantly. You buy Mutual Funds from some objective in mind, which will result in returns (how much you want your money to grow), and same can be experienced NOT NOW, but after 5/10/15 years of holding.

What if, the desired returns don’t come? Can you go back 5/10/15 years to the seller & question?

Mutual Fund offers one of the best investments avenue, no doubt. But to arrive at the right fund, one needs to go thru a process, which will usually depend on your financial standing, data & your advisors know-how.

How to find the right advisor? Usually an advisor, will first try to understand your requirements, in the form of your objective, returns, holding period, risk, cash-flow. Post that, will offer you insights on asset allocation, returns expected, risk & funds selection. This entire exercise will last for few days to few weeks, depending on how many times you will ask, WHY? 😉

Manoj Chahar
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