Can You Analyze My Mutual Fund Portfolio? Is it Right Time to Opt for Large-cap Funds for 3-4 Years?

What should I do when market is down
These are questions we receive daily, thru various mediums (like Quora). Is this right time to invest in Mutual funds? Which Mutual funds are best? What is the correct time frame to invest in Mutual Funds? and many more…
So today I am sharing summary of the answers I have already posted on Quora.
It’s great to see that you are clear on your investment objective. But what is not logical, is the fact that; you want “Advisory Services”, which is free of cost, and that too, thru an open forum like Quora. That’s the biggest mistake you are undertaking, for your savings.
First, Direct plans are only meant for people, who can do independent research on their own, i.e. don’t need any guidance or help whatsoever, whereas you are seeking help.

Even though some Samaritan may offer you advice today, but next 25 years, who you will ask these questions? which will coming again & again, as market will give swings (market fall, like last 6 months)? on what next? Also, you may have question, is the advice biased?

Rule of Life: Nothing comes FREE, and if its free, there is a CATCH!

Another commonly asked question on Quora; “Timing Market” for investments. What one should do?
There is no right time, or even the wrong time, to invest money. Also, there is NO-ONE (Guru or Market experts) who can predict markets, as-if that would have been the case, they (the market expert) would have been a billionaire by now.
Whereas, there is only one which I know, i.e. Warren Buffet; who’s created his wealth, by not timing the market, but with a simple philosophy, to hold on to his stocks for a long duration (more than 10 years). That’s the only mantra for stock markets; “Buy-it, Lock-it & Forget-it”, for at least 10 years (minimum).
What is required, is not to hunt for the best funds, but to find the right advisor, who becomes your life coach & is available to answer your query anytime. Please don’t confuse this advisor with a Bank RM, or even a usual financial agent, they will just sweet talk to push products.
Therefore, its recommended, to consult & keep in touch (always) with a qualified financial advisor/ firm, such that you have someone who you can reason & talk, on your portfolio, new funds or for that matter, any financial query.
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