Big Fat Indian Weddings


 Indian Weddings as we all know are known around the world for their costly affair.

 Its generally because of the number of rituals that are followed,Number of occasions like Engagement, Sangeet/DJ Parties, Reception & the list goes on.

Here I will give you an example of my own Wedding & after reading this you will be able to understand How to Plan your Wedding Expenditure.

  • Plan Early : Start planning for your marriage as early as possible.This will help you in getting the best deals from the vendors.Also, it will ease your burden & you will be able to enjoy the marriage completely.I planned for my wedding a year before & got the best deals from the market.
  • Hire a Wedding Planner : There are lot of wedding planners in India who plan almost every small thing required in wedding, right from the time you get engaged to honeymoon.People who generally have a lot of events/functions or larger guests to manage,prefer hiring a wedding planner as they are more professional & being in this industry they can give you the best deals.It is highly recommended if your profession dosen’t give you enough time to plan your wedding.
  • Google Everything : A lot of Websites such as, provide details & rates of the vendors such as Photographers, Caterers, Decorators etc.We can easily see their portfolio & compare and decide which one matches the best with our requirements.
  • Prepare your Budget : Most of the times people don not plan their budget and they end up paying more. Hence it highly recommended to first plan your finances and allot your budget accordingly so that your not hurt financially.
  • Do not Spend Unnecessarily : People usually spend too much on things which are not worth.In this industry the amount of money you spent will be still less rather it will be right if you save that money for your future goals.
  • Consult your financial Planner/CA :During Wedding time people purchase a lot of jewelry. It will be beneficial if you consult your financial planner while buying as he will be able to give you right guidance as to when will be the right time to buy & what will be right price to buy.Also there are certain tax benefits such as you can show jewelry as gift during wedding time. Wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion but a person/father works for a lifetime for this event.Hence plan your wedding in such a way that you will have no regrets later !
Pujan Jain
Pujan is working as Senior Wealth Manager at & has 3 years of corporate experience in Financial Markets.He has worked with ICCL (A wholly owned subsidiary of BSE).He holds dual post graduation in Financial Markets from Chitkara University (Punjab) & Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd (Mumbai).He is an avid reader & freelance content writer.

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