New Year Resolution 2019


New Year’s Resolution list; is somewhat like how a small kid writes to Santa (before X’mas). Year ends and we all love to start new year with some bold steps.

To help & to have the feel-good factor, every year, newspapers & blogs, talks about same good old financial resolutions, with some jargons. It is way #metoo.

I thought of doing & writing something different. This new year lets invest in life, health and our experiences.

What do I mean with investing in Life?

Settle down, when I talk about life, I am talking about different things you want to achieve in your life. Way you want to live; way you take your life goals forward, etc. This New Year, write what you want in your life?

Like… I want to complete “Behavioral Science Course” this year, something which I wanted to do since quite some time. Tag this goal with date and time (you want to achieve it in). Card your desires with a start and end date, this will help you to achieve them.

While achieving new heights in your personal life make sure you have secured your loved ones too. Do not hesitate for opting Term insurance which protects them. Remember “Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.”– Michael J. Fox

How can you invest in Health?

With everyday hustles in our lives, we forget to take care of one very important thing that is our health. We eat whatever and whenever we get to eat. While achieving those precious life goals we are undermining the health. One has to keep balance with work and health. You can always invest in indoor gym equipments, join a yoga class, do zumba, etc. While taking care of health also take care of cost of medications. Some health insurance companies also cover the cost of gym fees or yoga classes’ fees. This is just to motivate you to take care of your Health, because ‘sir salamat toh pagdi pachas’.

Life and Health is understandable, but why you should invest in Experiences?

Our lives have become a hamster wheel, which is monotonous. Take some time out for yourself and play new sports or travel to new places. If you love travelling, don’t forget to subscribe for Travel Insurance; it is top on the checklist when you travel. Traveling or opting for different sport activities unravels new experiences and this leads to change in thoughts and makes you more active, gives you different angle to do things.

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