Is lifestyle inflation affecting you? Take this quiz and find out

Take this quiz to find out if your lifestyle is healthy enough to keep you on the right path to your life’s goals or is it pushing you towards financial disaster.

Score yourself on the following basis. Then add up the points to know your score.

A 3 points

B 2 points

C 1 point

1. My credit card bills are

A. Paid in full every month

B. Rolled over sometimes

C. Always rolling as I only pay the minimum amount due

2. A salary bonus means

A. A small treat and the rest is put away as savings

B. Paying off loans and spending the rest

C. A relaxing vacation or shopping spree

3. I save

A. At least 30% of my income every month

B. Whatever I can manage every month

C. Nothing after meeting all expenses

4. When shopping

A. I hunt for bargains, even for small-ticket items

B. I don’t mind exceeding my budget at times

C. What bargain? I always prefer premium brands

5. My budgeting habits

A. I track all expenses to keep out flab

B. I check my bank balance at the end of the month

C. No time or inclination to maintain a budget

6. A typical weekend involves

A. Catching the latest movie or spending time with family

B. Trying out new restaurants and occasional shopping spree

C. Heading out of town with friends or family

7. Every rise in income has meant

A. Rise in expenses and savings

B. Rise in expenses but not savings

C. Rise in expenses and less savings


More than 18

You run a tight ship but still enjoy a good lifestyle. You have your goals in sight. Keep at it and great rewards could follow.

Between 12-18

You are not a spendthrift, but your lifestyle is not healthy either. Some adjustments may be required to get your finances in shape.

Less than 12

You are living way above your means and have little control of your finances. Urgent corrective steps required.

Source: Economic times.